BIOL 230

Gary E. Kaiser, Ph.D.

My BIOL 230 Lecture E-Text is a complete set of lecture notes, illustrations, animations, and performance objectives for the lecture portion of my sections of Microbiology. For more information about the Lecture E-Text see the Preface. Please click on the unit you wish to view.

You will be learning a lot of new terminology in microbiology. To help you with pronunciation you may wish to download one of the following apps:

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Lecture E-Text Table of Contents


Unit 1: Introduction to Microbiology and Prokaryotic Cell Anatomy

I. Introduction to Microbiology: Basic Groups of Microbes; Prokaryotic and Eukaryotic Cells; The Three Domain System.

II. The Prokaryotic Cell: Shapes and Arrangements of Bacteria; Prokaryotic Cell Anatomy.

Unit 2: Bacterial Genetics and the Chemical Control of Bacteria

I. Bacterial Genetics: Horizontal Gene Transfer; Quorum Sensing, Pathogenicity Islands, and Secretion Systems; Enzyme Regulation.

II. Using Antibiotics and Chemical Agents to Control Bacteria: Modes of Action for Control Agents; Bacterial Resistance to Control Agents.

Unit 3: Bacterial Pathogenesis

Bacterial Pathogenesis: Virulence Factors that Promote Bacterial Colonization; Virulence Factors that Harm the Body.

Unit 4: Eukaryotic Microorganisms and Viruses

I. The Eukaryotic Cell: Eukaryotic Cell Anatomy.

II. Fungi: Yeasts; Molds; Fungal Pathogenicity; Control of Fungi.

III. Protozoa

IV. Viruses: Characteristics of Viruses; Size and Shapes of Viruses; Viral Structure; Viral Classification; Viral Life Cycles; Viral Pathogenicity; Control of Viruses.

Unit 5: Innate Immunity

I. Innate Immunity

II. Introduction to Adaptive Immunity: Antigens

Unit 6: Adaptive Immunity

Adaptive Immunity (Humoral Immunity; Cell-Mediated Immunity; Immunodeficiency; Hypersensitivity)

Unit 7: Microbial Genetics and Microbial Metabolism

I. Microbial Genetics (Proteins and Enzymes; DNA and DNA Replication; RNA; Protein Synthesis; Mutation; Horizontal Gene Transfer)

II. Microbial Metabolism (Bacterial Growth; Energy Conversions in Bacteria; Cellular Respiration; Photosynthesis)


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