Intermediaries between Bacteria, Archaeae, and Eukarya?

There is a "superphylum" of bacteria called PVC, referring to the three members of that superphylum: the Planctomycetes, the Verrucomicrobia, and the Chlamydiae. Members of the PVC, while belonging to the domain Bacteria, show some features of the domains Archaea and Eukarya.

Some of these bacteria show cell compartmentalization wherein membranes surround portions of the cell interior, such as groups of ribosomes or DNA, similar to eukaryotic cells. Some divide by budding or contain sterols in their membranes, again similar to eukaryotes. Some lack peptidoglycan, similar to eukaryotes and archaea. It has been surmised that these bacteria migh be an intermediate step between an ancestor that emerged from a bacterium (domain Bacteria) and an archael-eukaryotic ancestor prior to its split into the domains Archaea and Eukarya.