Self Quiz for Prokaryotic Cell Anatomy: The Chromosome and Nucleoid

Study the material in this section and then write out the answers to these questions.
Do not just click on the answers and write them out. This will not test your understanding of this tutorial.


1. The sum of an organism's genetic material is called its____________. (ans)

2. Bacterial enzymes involved in in the unwinding, replication, and rewinding of the circular, supercoiled bacterial DNA called ______________. (ans)

3. Describe the general composition of the chromosome in most bacteria. (ans)

4. Briefly describe the process of DNA replication. (ans)

5. State what enzyme carries out the following functions during DNA replication.

a. Unwinds the helical DNA by breaking the hydrogen bonds between complementary bases. (ans)
Synthesizes a short RNA primer at the beginning of each origin of replication. (ans)
c. Adds DNA nucleotides to the RNA primer. (ans)
d. Digests away the RNA primer and replaces the RNA nucleotides of the primer with the proper DNA nucleotides. (ans)
e. Links the DNA fragments of the lagging strand together. (ans)

6. State the overall function of DNA. (ans)

8. Define transcription. (ans)

9. Define translation. (ans)

10. Ciprofloxacin (Cipro) is used to treat a variety of bacterial infections. How does it stop bacteria from growing? (ans)

11. Multiple Choice (ans)


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