Self Quiz for The Innate Immune System: Early Induced Innate Immunity: D2. PRRs "

Study the material in this section and then write out the answers to these questions.
Do not just click on the answers and write them out. This will not test your understanding of this tutorial.

1. State the function of the following as they relate to innate immunity.

a. pathogen-associated molecular patterns (ans)

b. pattern recognition receptors (ans)

c. endocytic pattern recognition receptors (ans)

d. signaling pattern recognition receptors (ans)

e. danger-associated molecular patterns (def)

f. danger recognition receptors (ans)

g. inflammasome (ans)

2. Briefly describe the major difference between the effect of the cytokines produced in response to PAMPs that bind to cell surface signaling PRRs and endosomal PRRs. (ans)

3. Multiple Choice (PRRs) (ans)


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