Learning Objectives for "The Innate Immune System: Early Induced Innate Immunity: D2. PRRs "

After completing this section you should be able to perform the following objectives.


1. State the function of the following as they relate to innate immunity.

a*. pattern recognition receptors (PRRs)

b*. endocytic pattern recognition receptors

c*. signaling pattern recognition receptors

d*. danger-associated molecular patterns

e*. danger recognition receptors

f. inflammasome

g. pyroptosis

2. Name 2 endocytic PRRs.

3. Name 2 signaling PRRs found on host cell surfaces.

4. Name 2 signaling PRRs found in the endosomes of phagocytic cells.

5. Name 2 signaling PRRs found on the host cell cytoplasm.

6*. Briefly describe the major difference between the effect of the cytokines produced in response to PAMPs that bind to cell surface signaling PRRs and endosomal PRRs.

(*) = Common theme throughout the course



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