Self Quiz for The Innate Immune System: Early Induced Innate Immunity: D3. Cytokines "

Study the material in this section and then write out the answers to these questions.
Do not just click on the answers and write them out. This will not test your understanding of this tutorial.

1. Match the following:

_____ Cytokines that promote inflammation by enabling white blood cells to adhere to the inner surface of blood vessels, migrate out of the blood vessels into the tissue, and be chemotactically attracted to the injured or infected site. (ans)

_____ Cytokines that prevent viral replication, activate a variety of cells important in body defense, and exhibit some anti-tumor activity. (ans)

_____ A wide variety of intercellular regulatory proteins produced by many different cells in the body that ultimately control every aspect of body defense. Cytokines activate and deactivate phagocytes and immune defense cells, increase or decrease the functions of the different immune defense cells, and promote or inhibit a variety of nonspecific body defenses. (ans)

a. lysozyme

b. chemokines

c. cytokines

d. interferons

e. human beta-defensins

2. Describe specifically how type-I interferons are able to block viral replication within an infected host cell. (ans)

3. Multiple Choice (ans)


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