Self Quiz for The Adaptive Immune System: WaysThat Antibodies Defend the Body - Opsonization

Study the material in this section and then write out the answers to these questions.
Do not just click on the answers and write them out. This will not test your understanding of this tutorial.

1. Discuss how antibodies defend the body by way of opsonization. (Include what classes or isotypes of immunoglobulins are involved, the role of the Fab portion of the antibody, the role, if any, of the Fc portion of the antibody, and the role of any complement proteins, if any, involved.) (ans)

2. We know Streptococcus pneumoniae is encapsulated and capsules resist phagocytosis. Yet the body is eventually able to phagocytose this organism. Describe how. (ans)

3.Staphylococcus aureus produces an exotoxin called Protein A. Protein A is able to react with the Fc portion of IgG. In terms of humoral immunity, discuss how Protein A may help the Staphylococcus resist phagocytosis. (ans)

4. The M-protein of Streptococcus pyogenes binds factor H of the complement pathway and allows these bacteria to be more resistant to phagocytic engulfment. Explain how. (ans)

5. Multiple Choice (ans)

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