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LAB 1: (20 pts) The properties of our solar system provide clues to how our solar system formed. Like a detective who must recreate a crime on the basis of existing evidence, so too must an astronomer establish hypotheses of how the solar system formed using present day observations. What is that evidence? In this lab your will be be exploring the properties of the Terrestrial and Jovian Planets. The four planets closest to the Sun are called the 'terrestrial planets'. The second four are called the 'jovian planets'. Do not include Pluto as a either a jovian or terrestrial planet in any calculations. Pluto has not considered either. If you include Pluto in your calculated averages you will scew the results.

Instructions for Doing This Lab: Print out this lab so you can work off line. If you want, attend the chat session on the lab after completing as much of the lab as possible. The date of the chat session is posted in the calendar in the Communications Center.

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