The Community College of Baltimore County

{ FLFR 101Elementary French I }


Instructor: Soumaya B. Long

Department phone: 410-455-4550

Semester: Spring 2008

Office hours: by appointment

Office:G115F at Catonsville

Fax number: 410-455-5101

Phone: 410-455-6158

Pre-requisites: ENGL 052 or ESOL 052 and RDNG 052 or ESOL 054.


Course Description

Elementary French I prepares novice-mid levelstudents for cross-cultural communication through the study of language and culture.


FLFR 101

Course Objectives

    • Engage in conversation, provide and obtain information, express feelings and emotions, and exchange opinions at a novice-mid level;
    • Understand and interpret written and spoken French on a variety of topics at a novice-mid level;
    • Present information, concepts, and ideas to an audience of listeners or readers on a variety of topics at a novice-mid level;
    • Demonstrate an understanding of the relationship between the practices and perspectives of French culture;
    • Demonstrate an understanding of the relationship between the products and perspectives of French culture;
    • Reinforce and further their knowledge of other disciplines through the French language;
    • Acquire information and recognize the distinctive viewpoints that are only available through the French language and its cultures;
    • Demonstrate understanding of the nature of language through comparisons of the French language and their own;
    • Demonstrate understanding of the concept of culture through comparisons of French cultures and their own;
    • Use French both within and beyond the school setting;
    • Show evidence of becoming life-long learners by using French for personal enjoyment and enrichment;
    • Express information about master works in literature, music and the arts that reflect French culture at a novice level;
    • Recognize major cultural artifacts of the French language;
    • Develop multicultural sensitivity;
    • Apply technology for language acquisition

    Major Topics

    1. At a novice-mid level the students will:

      1. Communicate in the French language.
      2. Listen in the French language.
      3. Read in the French language.
      4. Write in the French language.
      5. Possess insight into the nature of French language and culture.
      6. Understand the impact of computers and technology on the acquisition of French.
      7. Identify major cultural artifacts.
      8. Have an introduction to master works of art, literature and music.
      Gain knowledge of cultural sensitivity and tolerance.


    Requirement, Points and Evaluation

    Chapter quizzes: There will be a total of four quizzes, one midterm exam and a final.
    Midterm: this paper will be assigned by the instructor according to the cultural content of each chapter; the students will do an extensive research on the subject, and a paper will be due by each student. This paper will consist of a summary of the research (3 pages), reflections about the subject (1 page) in addition to a list of all references and materials.
    Final Exam: the final exam will be taken at the testing center closest to the student.
    Quia: home work will be assigned on Quia according to the content of each chapter.

    Publisher’s website: home work will be assigned in the publisher’s website by the instructor according to the content of each chapter


    Grade average:

    Quiz average


    Midterm exam (paper)


    Final exam


    Assignments (to include Quia)


    If the Final Exam is not taken, the student will not pass the course.

    . Assignments*


    Quiz one

    February 12th 2008

    Quiz two

    February 27th 2008

    Quiz three

    March 25th  2008

    Quiz four

    April 15th 2008

    Quiz five

    May 2nd 2008

    Midterm (Cultural Paper)

    March 10th 2008

    Final Exam

    May 12th 2008

    *Dates are subject to change.


    Last day of classes: May 10th 2008





    Required Texts: Text  “CHEZ NOUS” ISBN 0131576542
    (Includes Textbook, Quia access code, Quick guide to French grammar, and oxford French Dictionary)




    Important Dates

    See Schedule

    Hints for Success

    Here are some tips you should follow which will help you to succeed in this course:

    • Set aside a specific time each week to work on this course. The estimated amount of time you should spend is 4 hours/week, more in summer/winter condensed semesters.
    • Keep in touch with me and your classmates by frequently checking your course e-mail, bulletin board, and calendar. This will help build a sense of community among us. Using the various communications tools provided in this course effectively is the same as "raising your hand" and participating in class discussions.
    • Be aware of the time lag that is inherent in most on-line courses. Although the communications tools make it appear that the transfer of information such as assignments is "instantaneous", it does not mean that the reply will be instantaneous. One of the hardest things about an on-line course is becoming comfortable with its asynchronous nature. In general, expect assignments to be returned within one week .
    • Familiarize yourself with published deadlines.
    • Ask for help when you need it.
    • Remember that there are traditional ways for keeping in touch. Use the telephone, a fax, or make an appointment to meet with me on campus.
    • Work off-line and save your assignments on your computer before submitting them electronically. You can use the saved version of your work to copy and paste to an on-line assignment or you can attach the saved file to an e-mail or bulletin board message. This will prevent a lot of frustration should your Internet connection or your system "fail".