Welcome to the Virtual Office of:
Bernadette Flynn Low, Ph.D. Professor, English Department
(443) 840- 3886, Office: K 215

I have been teaching at the Dundalk Campus for many years. I earned her bachelor's and master's degree in English from the University of Texas at El Paso, where I focused on American literature and the poetry of Wallace Stevens. I earned my doctorate from the University of New Mexico emphasizing sixteenth and seventeenth century British literature, writing a doctoral thesis on three Shakespeare plays, Henry I Part 1, Troilus and Cressida, and A Winter's Tale.

At Dundalk I have taught writing courses, literature courses in British and American literature, Native American literature,and honors seminars on Shakespeare, Native American literature, Baltimore City, and leadership training. I have always been interested in active and experiential learning. I have enjoyed taking students on explorations of Baltimore City and abroad. I am the Service Learning coordinator on our campus and at times teach SSCI 111, Engagment in Communities. In 2007, colleague Michael Sanow and I took students to New Orleans. It became the large place that we all served to engage in communities. There we experienced the joy and satisfaction of working as a community to serve a community. (Photos below capture some of these).

The last few years I have become excited about teaching online and have developed several courses online. Developing courses for online learning has been a fun and stimulating challenge. Students respond positively to them. Not only do they get to learn at a time and place that is convenient for them, they also enjoy the interaction with their peers and with me. Though we seldom if ever see each other, all students who really participate come to feel an integral part of a little learning community1

What I have found most rewarding in my teaching career at Dundalk has been helping students recognize and develop their own best selves. The writing and literature course, the service learning and the explorations, the online learning communities all seem to foster personal growth for those students open to growth and development.

Below are links syllabi for the courses I teach. Below the links are a hotos of student exploration groups.

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Honor Students 1998

Dr. Low (far right) with a group of honors sudents at Federal Hill.

Bernadette Low (lower left) and students preparing to board the Hover Craft to Calis, France.