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My course load for CCBC is strictly online. This year I am teaching the courses listed below.

MATH 083 - Intermediate Algebra

In this class you will expand your knowledge of Algebra to include functions, rational expressions, logarithms and graphing.  No longer just straight lines, we see how much fun (and trouble) we can get into when we are thrown a few curves!  For a sample version of this class, see the link on the left side of this webpage.

MATH 135 Applied Algebra and Trig

This course is a lot more fun than the title implies!  Expanding on your knowledge from Intermediate Algebra, we now begin to cover a lot more real-life applications.   We look at the worlds of business, physics, banking, economics, chemistry and geometry through a mathematicians eyes and finally begin to answer the age old question "Where am I going to use Math?"

MATH 153 Introduction to Statistical Methods

The course every Math student looks forward to taking.  My classes are offered over the World Wide Web.  If you want a sample of what an online course is like, the link above will take you to a sample version of the class.  You can email me with any questions.  It is a perennial favorite among students of all majors, in statistics you will learn:

  • How to draw all types of pictures (called histograms, pie charts, bar graphs etc.).
  • How to get in the middle of it all (called measures of central tendency, the mean, median and mode).
  • How data is all spread around (called measures of dispersion, the range, variance and standard deviation).
  • What is the probability of passing this course, if you guess on every question of a multiple choice final exam. (HINT: The answer is not very good.).
  • What is "normal"?
  • Test claims by manufacturers.
  • Make predictions about all sorts of stuff.

In my Statistics class, we will be taking information off the Internet to look at Baseball (or another sport if you prefer), the stock market, election results and maybe a few other things. The main thing to know about this course is that, like anything else done right, it takes a lot of work. For me, the difference between an A and an F is about an inch or so on a grade roster. For you, it is a lot of work. It will look easy when I do it on the board and that is probably because I have done it a few (dozen) times. This class requires you to do your homework daily and to ask question if you do not understand. Remember, you have an incredible instructor who is more than willing to help you out, but it is your job as a student, to ask.



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