Giles W. Riesner, Jr.

Formerly Lead Library Technician, Library Technology
and Library System Administrator

Giles has retired as of July 1, 2015!


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     For work related questions, please contact:
		Library Tech Desk       443-830-2720
		Dan Adams               443-830-2712
		Kwangsoo Han            443-830-2746
		Computer Help Center    443-830-4357
    To contact Giles (about non-work related matters):
		email: (read occassionally)   (read several times a day) 	
          I worked on staff in the Library at CCBC - Catonsville (formerly Catonsville Community College) 
          for 47 years (1968-2015), after having spent 2 years (1966-68) at CCC as a student.
          Initially when I started to work in the Library in 1968, I worked in Receiving and Serials.
          I spent the first 15 or so years of my work life at the College in Serials and only began to
          work primarily with the computers (which I've done for about 30+ years) with a Library reorganization 
          in 1984.	

          Over the next 30+ years, I provided computer support to the Library staff and patrons, including 
          some hardware support, referring more complex problems to the College IT Help Desk.
          I helped to implement CATE (our first online library system using IBM's Dobis-Leuven system, run
          reports from it and manage it. I also worked on helping to choose, implement and manage our new 
          tri-campus library system: MILLE - an Innovative Interfaces Millennium library system.

          For a number of years (1994-2004?), I managed the Library's portion of the College LAN and had 
          primary responsibility for caring for the library's computers, serving as "adjunct" staff to the 
          College IT Help Center staff. Since then, I no longer had the LAN responsibilities or the PC 
          repairs. I more recently oversaw the Library's (all 3 campuses) SharePoint site.

          I assisted our staff in using programs on their PCs, the College LAN and the College Linux server.
          and often served as the Library's liasion with IT on many matters, including serving on the
          IT Council and it's Standards subcommittee.

          I helped to implement and continued to help manage the Library's Microcomputer Lab on the 2nd floor 
          of F building and was involved with the planning, implementation, and management of the Computer 
          Classroom on the 3rd floor. I also assisted with  the planning and implementation of other library
          computer facilities.

          I did the research for and helped set up the Library's Pay Printers, about which I wrote an article 
          ("Ready, Set, Pay your Money and Print!" - pp. 12-16 of v.3 no.7,  Nov. 1996 issue of Technology 
          Connection (from Linworth Publishing). Due to network changes at the College, we have since changed 
          over to using a commercial solution: Vendprint, which I helped to implement and support at the 
          Catonsville campus and spread to the libraries at the Dundalk and Essex campuses. We have 
           extended it to wireless printing as well and had been looking at the issue
          of student printing College-wide through the IT Council when I retired.

          I was ably assisted in these computer tasks by my colleague, Dan Adams. In addition, Michael Powers 
          (who replaced Jack Brand, and now works for IT) worked with us for a few years. We worked for the 
          Systems Librarian, Kwangsoo Han, new to our staff in Sept. 2012. Our previous bosses were: Dara Cook,
          who retired and Melissa Smith Takagi (who moved away because her husband is in the service and was 
          Danny and I also worked with Karen Quinn-Wisniewski, our Electronic Resources Librarian regarding the 
          databases and ebooks. I also spent some time working at the Technology Desk in the Library.	    

          Since the late 1990's the library has held a Holiday Party for the children in the  Catonsville 
          Child Care Center for which I regularly took pictures (although it was not actually part of my job). 
          Assuming the parties continue, I will no longer be the photographer.


         I participated in a number of computer related listservs. The groups which I read regularly included: 
         Windows, Labmgr, III Users, and Web4Lib lists. Others were added in from time to time as things changed.
         For a number of years now, I had been priveleged to attend part of the Computers in Libraries show in
         the Washington DC area. I had also attended a couple of Mid-Atlantic Innovative Users Group meetings and 
         attended the national Innovative Users Group meeting in 2008. 


         Having spent MANY years in the Library (both in Serials and my computer work), I have now retired 
         and will *NOT* be returning to work part-time at the College afterwards. I haven't really decided 
         what I will do next or where. Sice I retired, Danny should be taking over most of my responsibilities
         and presumably will eventually move into my position and then he'll need to be replaced.
         Over the past few years, I have spent some time (on my own time) working on a combination memoir and 
         college history (which is very Catonsville and Library centric). It is not yet completed; but, when 
         it is, I will make copies available to the CCBC libraries (and to the College Archives) and add a link
         on this page for an electronic version of it.
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