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Holland Light (pdf) quick self-assessment, overview of themes, career information/college programs with tuition and major charts for area transfer schools) New Holland Light (PowerPoint)   Realistic | Investigative | Artistic | Social | Enterprising |Conventional  AND SELF-SCORING VERSION = Portal Start

MBTIThis is a free assessment that generates a code that works with official MBTI materials.  It is not offered by the company that produces the MBTI and is not being represented as an official MBTI test. Take a free TEST that will yield a code consistent with the MBTI Then identify careers that are popular for people with similar MBTI codes. Take the “Holland” and the “MBTI” and you will see some job titles come up on both lists of potential careers.


















Identifying Values: Values are central to a good career decision. Identify your top life values with this values sort.


ACDV 101 Resource Materials | ACDV 101 Holland Show | HOLLAND Show | Business and Social Science | Criminal Justice | Health and Allied Health | Careers in Nursing |Humanities and Arts | STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics)


Money Sense Workshop | Time Management | Job Search Strategies | Online Job Search Resources | Top 100 Niche Job Sites | Resume | Interviewing | Resume and Cover Letter Tutorial Resumes_and_Cover_Letters.ppt  Jane_Washington_Resume_Sample        Newest Resume/Cover Letter Tutorial




STEM tutorial


MCOM111Links for Media Careers Exploration | Comprehensive Allied Health Online Resources

Communications Videos


Resource Materials for the Rainbow Club | Presentation: Illegal Interview Questions, October 16, 2013 including links to 4 Out-for-Work Videos and Powerful Ways to Network to Your Next Job  || Handouts: Illegal Interview Questions | Sensitive Questions | Tips for LGBTQ Internship and Job Seekers | How to Come Out iin a Job Interview | 50 Common Interview Questions | Sample Behavioral-Based Interview Questions | CCBC Job Bank and Resources for Locating Job Openings


Clinical Counseling Community Resources List | How to Refer: Guide for Faculty and Staff


SDEV_104_Maximize Career Success with Social Media and Internet Resources

Overview of Career Services for Faculty   Career Services Supports Instruction | May 22, 2013 Professional Dev. Conference


College Gateway Partnership Movies: 212 degrees | Carson


Mt. Carmel High School How to Choose a Major