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Catalogue description of Classes facilitated by Steve Macadoff:

Auto 101
Auto 126
Auto 136
Auto 141
Auto 151
Auto 156
Auto 161
Auto 171
Auto 231
Auto 241



Instructor's teaching strategy:
Tell me, and I'll forget.
Tell me and show me, and I'll remember.
Tell me, show me, and have me do it,

and I'll understand
. (adapted from someone else)

Each class has their own dedicated page that is linked from this opening page. Just click on your hyperlinked class Icon/Picture and you will be linked to your class page. Each page opens in a new browser window.

AUTO 126

Page is always under construction

AUTO 136

Mess of wires Page is always under construction

AUTO 131

kid at outlet Page is always under construction


Stephen F. Macadoff
Associate Professor
GM ASEP Instructor
GM World Class Technician
800 South Rolling Rd.
Baltimore, Maryland 21228-5381
Automotive Technology
: 443-840-4517
Facsimile: 443-840-4937
E-mail: smacadof@ccbcmd.edu

Last Updated:
December 20, 2011 3:22 PM

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