Todd M. Abramovitz (CCBC)
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Chair, College wide Promotion Committee (CWPC),
Member, Promotion Equivalency Committee (PEC).
CCBC Promotion Manual and e-Binder: Link to CCBC's Faculty Portfolio
CCBC SharePoint:  Official Promotion and Equivalency Documents:
2015 Promotion and equivalency presentation


Senator, CCBC Faculty Senate and Vice Chair, Senate Evaluation Committee: 
Current Senate Discussions:
1. Logging of Reassigned Time
2. Program Approvals
3. Dean of Online Learning

Current (SEC) Policy Discussions:
1. Online Course Student Evaluations.
2. Faculty Observation and CIEQ schedule.
Next meeting - Monday December 5th @ 3pm, Dundalk Campus D.MASH 207.


CCBC History Committee
CCBC History Timeline:
1. Adding Content
2. Categorizing Content
3. Approving Content
Next Meeting: Thursday November 17th @2pm E.LIBR 113c.